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Multiple Tooth Extractions

Allow enough time for healing following extractions

Removing multiple teeth during a single procedure is not a simple task. The removal of multiple teeth is usually related to preparations for a denture. In such cases, the jawbone will need time to heal and be prepared for the denture.

The following may be experienced after a patient has multiple teeth extracted. In the first two days, the patient will experience the maximum swelling both inside the mouth and possibly around the eyes. The area around the eyes may also become discolored, which can be helped by a warm compress. The patient may suffer a sore throat because the muscles in the mouth near the extraction site will be irritated, or suffer from dry and cracked skin at the corners of the because the mouth was stretched during the surgery.

A follow-up appointment with your dentist is usually needed within 48 hours where any lingering post-surgery symptoms can be discussed.